How It Works

CADCustomization++ is available in two modules :

  • Operator Module : Operators enter the data which will be validated and the required output for assembly, parts, draft, drawings and documents will be generated.It is normally used by operator or sales Person
    Step 1

    Enter Input Value

    Step 2

    Updated Draft

    Step 3

    Generate Quotation

  • Engineer Module : Engineers define the input data and write design rules, design calculations, annotations etc. Which will act on existing assemblies, parts, drafts, drawing and documents. Engineer can automate work in 3 simple steps :
    1. Define Input Variables : Engineer can define input variables validation rules, Help images and databases link etc.
    2. Extract Data To MS Excel : CADCustomization++ will read SolidEdge file and write data to MS Excel as required by engineer.
    3. Define The Design Rules : Engineer has to input the design calculation, link the data and define the "if", "Lookup" and other formulas in MS Excel.
    Step 1

    Define Input Variables

    Step 2

    Data Extracted To Excel

    Step 3

    Define The Design Rules

    Step 4

    Desired Output


    To get an overview of what CADCustomization++ is capable of watch some of our short videos. For trial and purchase feel free to contact us.

    ARES Configurator, Excel based customization

    ARES Configurator, Excel based customization