Who Can Use

With CADCustomization++ engineers can customize easily and quickly without knowledge of programming languages. Once the customization is done a very user friendly application is generated that can be used by any draftsman or sales person to generate the required output.

CADCustomization++ is useful for :

  1. Material Handling systems
  2. Process sheet creation.
  3. Industrial equipments etc.
  4. Process machinery.
  5. Elevators
  6. Furniture
  7. Food Processing Units
  8. Cubical
  9. Conveyor
  10. Power Plant Boilers
  11. Electrical Switchgear
  12. Commercial HVAC Equipment
  13. Industrial Cranes etc

Benefits of CADCustomization++ :

  1. Customize your Design / Drawing / Documents in Minutes.
  2. Save time, increase productivity, reduce errors, improve quality.
  3. No need for any programming knowledge: customize Solid Edge through MS Excel.
  4. Create your own user-friendly data screens.
  5. Create customized BOM to suit your requirements.
  6. No need to hire outside programmers or developers.
  7. Do in-house work without disclosing product information to outsiders.